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What is the biggest lie a teacher has told you?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What is the biggest lie a teacher has told you?
What is the biggest lie a teacher has told you?

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2nd grade. Writing assignment on how to build a snowman. One of my instructions I wrote said “now put the snowballs on top of one another, building a tower.”

Teacher said “no, it’s THEM snowballs. Change it now.”

After arguing (and getting detention out of it) I changed it to say “now put them snowballs on top of one another blah blah” and we displayed our instructions out in the hall so the next PTA meeting could view them.

My mom later pointed out that my teacher said “aren’t kids just the darndest? How cute when they make mistakes” (in reference to my mom asking about the grammatical error on my instructions)

fuck you. I’m still angry about it 22 years later.

“There’s no such thing as a stupid question”

Working in retail makes that statement the biggest lie ever told.

I had a substitute physics teacher (reading straight from her book), teaching us about the feather and the bowling ball falling at the same speed in a vacuum, which does happen (the feather thumps to the ground like a rock because there’s no air to slow the fall)

The teacher must’ve interpreted as vacuum cancelling gravity because she was adamant the vacuum chamber would cause the bowling ball to gently float down like a feather.

You can wait to go to the bathroom.

The taste parts of the tongue are absolutely fake, and it’s stupid that it’s still taught