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What is the last pair of shoes you bought?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What is the last pair of shoes you bought?
What is the last pair of shoes you bought?

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I bought a pair of black Nikes to wear while teaching. I tried them on in the store, bought them, took them home, and never wore them again. Here’s why:
When my class was walking back from lunch, I heard a kid slapping his feet as we walked. I turned around to look at him, and noticed he was slapping his feet because his shoes were literally falling apart. So, I pulled him aside, told him I had a pair of shoes I didn’t need, and asked if he wanted them so I didn’t to have to throw them out. Needless to say he was ecstatic. So I called his mom and asked her if it would be ok to gve them to him. She was happy about it, so I gave him them. I’m still wearing my old shoes. and I’m ok with that.

Slippers, quarantine style is popping y’all.

Doc Martens 1460.

I get a lot of compliments about them at work… mostly because people don’t expect to see Docs with scrubs. One of the doctors I work with actually checked the schedule to see when we would work together again so he could wear his and match.

Scooby Doo converse. Worth every penny.