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What is the most severe case of someone being completely out of touch with reality you’ve ever seen?

My friend suffered a psychotic break when we were teenagers. He’d been smoking weed constantly for a couple of weeks, not eating or sleeping, and I think he had some underlying mental health issues anyway but that routine just sent him over the edge. Before his parents had him admitted to hospital, he cane and met us before we were going out to a gig, he was wearing a pink silk pyjama shirt and jogging bottoms and just looked very unwell, he was rambling on about the discoveries he was making and that he was going to meet some scientist in America. Then he laid on the pavement in the middle of the street and told us we all had to lie down to conserve the earths energy. That was about 15 years ago, he runs a successful business now 🙂

My step brother:

Got into a weird gnostic religious group and thought he could convert people by talking to them (harassing them) Socrates style, except without any ability to carry out a philosophical conversation. Also assuming workplace is a fine occasion to do this. When he’d get fired from his temp jobs he’d assume it’s a conspiracy and fight against enlightenment. (This is more funny then deluded as a side note, but one of the group activities is to have to rewrite their religious book by hand, which he diligently did and it wasn’t a small book either. Turned out he used the wrong color ink which for some reason invalidated the whole thing)

Got a job in a restaurant as a waiter. Assumed for whatever unimaginable reason that the proper way to act for waiters is to bow after taking the order. When his supervisor asked him to stop he lectured the supervisor on proper waitstaff manners

Wanted to propose to a 50+ year old woman who has until then shown no signs of being interested in him. Luckily he believed in the tradition to first ask fathers permission so he asked his dad who talked him out of it

Had an idea to join the military to convert them from the inside

At one point believed the sun rays can sustain you but luckily never really bothered to practice it

Is totally against capitalism and wants to live a free life as a wandering philosopher rather than live as a working drone like everyone else, however does believe the working drones in his family should support his noble pursuit while also chastising them for selling out

and more

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Chris Chan, c. 2009.

Out of spite of a troller, Chris decides to photoshop the troll’s profile pic onto the twins towers. He then mocks the troll, telling him he will be hit by a plane like he did with the towers.

Chris inevitably receives backlash.

Now here’s the kicker; Chris decides that photoshopping the twin towers onto a birthday cake would be a genius apology, saying sorry to the troll. Chris Chan is the most out of touch person I’ve ever heard of.

“My son got the flu shot and turned gay from it! I demand a compensation!” Or, “I have the coupon! It doesn’t matter if it’s expired, I HAVE THE COUPON SO GIVE ME THE FLIPPIN DISCOUNT!”