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What is the most severe case of someone being completely out of touch with reality you’ve ever seen?

any episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

All these people that think that the corona virus is a made up disease or is being spread by 5G towers.

“A small loan of a million dollars”

At the risk of giving an answer that’s too “real,” my grandmother with Alzheimer’s.

We’re in the stages now where it’s basically a given than she’s not aware of what’s going on. She’ll ask about people who aren’t there, reference things that didn’t happen, or get fussy because she’s late for something that occurred years ago. Don’t get me wrong- it’s hard, but it’s nowhere near as hard as it was a few years back.

Now, it’s almost easier because it’s easier to disregard what she’s saying and we’re all better practiced at it. A few years ago, when she didn’t remember my name for the first time or when she remembered that she should recognize me but was lucid enough to try and hide the fact she didn’t recognize me- that was difficult.

So now, it’s safe to say that she’s not terribly in touch with our modern settings, but she’s still very friendly and I feel like I have a duty to make sure she’s not lonely or scared.

Every single obese person in my family and some friends. They complain how fat they’re getting. Then I see them stuff their faces like every meal will be their last.

That’s fine. None of my business, right? Nope. They MAKE it my business by talking with me how to lose weight.

My answer is simple: Put down the fork. They don’t like that. They talk about their conditions. The only thing they haven’t tried is to simply eat less.

Calories in = calories out. Let’s just start there and stop the gluttony. Nope. They state they think they will die if they don’t eat how they’re used to eating. Completely unrealistic.