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What is the most useless piece of information you know off the top your head?

If all the kangaroos in the world decided to invade Uruguay, each person would have to fight off 14 kangaroos

Nguyen is pronounced like win

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

There was a NASA study in the 60s where the wanted to teach dolphins to speak English. In order to prepare the dolphins in some way they dosed them with LSD . The dolphins were also adolescents and one male dolphin was named Peter and he was so horny that the scientists and peter couldn’t focus on speaking so one of the female scientists jerked him off to calm him down. Apparently Peter got “attached” to this scientist whose name I forgot. Then when people in Nasa found out they obviously cancelled the study (because they were dosing the dolphins with fucking LSD and jerking off dolphins) . Peter was put in an isolated tank and then committed suicide by not going to the top of his tank for air and drowned himself.

I walked 25756 steps on may 1st 2012
I had one of those nintendo step counters