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My (34F) boyfriend (35M) and I watched a Netflix black mirror episode together and it caused a huge fight and I don’t know if I am over reacting or not :/

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So there is a show called black mirror on Netflix. We watched season 1 episode one last night. It was the episode where the princess gets kidnapped and the prime minister has to fuck a pig on live tv or they would kill her.

Anyway, my boyfriend was like “pfft, fucking a pig is no big deal” and he said he didn’t understand why everyone was so horrified watching the prime minister fuck a pig on live tv. He said he would not have a problem fucking a pig that he would just close his eyes and pretend it was a woman.

Well, I got really upset because I was traumatized watching the guy fuck the pig and heating him say that fucking a pig would be no big deal to him made me sick.

We got into a deeper discussion about morals and shit and he absolutely stood his ground that he would not have a problem, if faced with that situation, fucking a pig.

Am I over reacting by thinking he is absolutely disgusting or am I justified?

I don’t even know what’s normal anymore in today’s world :/

Jesus Christ if you’re fighting over a hypothetical in episode one, good luck making it through the rest of the series

Yes it’s disgusting and yes you’re overreacting.

Yeah, I’d also fuck a pig to save someone’s life. I wouldn’t even see it as a pig deal.

I’d fuck a whole sounder of pigs if it would save my kids lives.

This sounds like an argument between a 14 &15 year old, not 34 & 35.

Don’t watch any of the other Black Mirror episodes and for the love of god never see Sophie’s Choice together.

He’d fuck a pig to save your life. Sounds like a keeper to me