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What are your coping strategies for lack of physical intimacy ?

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I am a late bloomer (M/26). I have been unlucky and haven't had a relationship or sex ever. That's alright it will happen eventually. Meanwhile, I feel a certain nagging sadness due to lack of physical intimacy. The resources on coping strategies are non-existent. When you put relevant terms into google it leads you to toxic forums. Men in similar situations, how do you cope and feel positive about yourself.

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Let me tell you something , even if you had sex right now for a whole month, year even. After a few months without “physical intimacy” you’d go back to starting point. In others words, it’s a feeling most men deal with unless they have consistently sex. Which doesn’t happen unless you are a married or in a serious relationship

You are 26 though. Gather strength and start asking girls out. They won’t ask you

25, been alone my whole life, not had sex or intimacy in almost 2 years.

99.9% of my time is alone. It’s depressing.

Not a man but since everyone seems to give advice about how to meet women, and not answer your actual question, this is what helped me, when my partner was drafted for military service due to the Covid 19:

  1. Take care of your body. Work out, take a bath, use mosturiser and relax from time to time.
  2. Visit your family. Since my partner couldn’t hug or console me, my mom, dad and sisters always could. A hug from family can do a lot.
  3. Get a pet: that’s one I couldn’t do, but I always wanted a dog, and in this shutdown situation, I never wished for one more. I think this really can help people.

Depending on your situation, not everything might work for you, but I hope I could help you anyway.

Even if you have sex, that feeling wont go away. I was fucking nuts while i was a virgin thinking about sex. It sounded to me like something out of this world. Had my dick in a vagina, finished and it turned out it wasnt as great as i imagined it and thats completely normal. Dont think sex is something amazing, out of this world and the bestthing ever. Yeah sex is cool but not THAT much.

Edit: To clarify: I am just saying that you think sex is a lot more while you are a virgin than what it actually is. It is still amazing with the right person.

I read your comments
I am from India
Had a few on and off relationships with physical intimacy.

Once they have stopped
I am back to square one

I get the loneliness and the want.
Truth be told women in India are just afraid of men, due to some shit ones.
Personally I have awesome female and male friends. Upon having this discussion made me understand, women in India want to feel safe with you. Don’t be a creep, be polite, respectful and a decent listener. I mean adopt these things in general.

I am born and raised in Mumbai and live in New Zealand right now. So I have always had a big city experience.

Lockdown in India means your chances are slim and not very lucky.

Try dating apps ?

Other than that
If I need a hug I feel my mother gives the best ones.

Romantic physical intimacy ke liye Bhai tujhe ask out karna padega.