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What is the secret to a happy life?

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What is the secret to a happy life?

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Stop comparing yourself to others/the past/the future. “The good old days” of the future is TODAY

Being grateful all the time.

It trains your brain to look for the positive. Your brain is like a muscle. Modern society has a trained for searching for negative. We all know someone who can make a hell out of heaven, and a heaven out of hell.

I’m grateful for even small stuff. I’ve been to towns without paved roads. I’m grateful that city planners drop that done before I was born in my hometown. I’m thankful for running water that is drinkable.

Not caring what people think

Enjoy what you have, don’t chase what you don’t have, don’t regret the past, embrace the future

Seriously just don’t give a fuck. Listen to them sure, but it’s your clock that’s ticking not theirs. Live your life.