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What is the stupidest shit you’ve ever done?

After chipping away the wings of a dead bee, I poured some redbull on it. Then arranged a funeral for the little guy, buried it and decorated its grave with flowers. I also invited a friend over to speak a line or two and accept the fact that redbull doesn’t give you wings.

Edit: Wow, I still have the pictures of my criminal origin deed

A couple of years ago the 4th of July was a few days away, so all of the stores had decorations and clothes with stars or red, white, and blue. In a busy clothing store I, with no hesitation, picked up a shirt with a blue star on it and across the clothing section I asked my mom, “Mom, when is the 4th of July?”. You can imagine how embarrassing that was when everyone turned and looked at me. I can only think of what was going through their minds.

a still-on-fire flaming shot. 2nd degree burns on my lips and chin was uh.. a learning experience

Ate a habanero pepper when I was dehydrated and overheated. I had dry chapped lips. No saliva in my mouth and I was spent. I picked up what I thought was a pepperincini up from a Papa Johns pizza box. It was in fact NOT what I thought it was. It was a habanero pepper. And it melted my face. My mouth hurt/burned/ached/blistered. And no amount of water was helping. I suffered for three hours. It was the most traumatic moment of my life.

The receptionist at the gym said “have a good work out” and I said “you too”.