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Consiglio: “Mail-In” ballots for the upcoming American election can be done electronically

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I've seen much fear over the the mail system failing or distrust in the USPS or whatever your post issues may be for the upcoming election.

1) If you need to request a mail in ballot, you can email the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) form to your local county election office (just google it). The directions on the form make it seem like you have to print and mail, but you can print to pdf, sign with the pen tool in free Adobe acrobat, and email it in. I received confirmation within 48 hours.

2) when it comes time to vote you can also request to do this by email on the FPCA form.

I live abroad in Australia. Mail has been taking months between here and back home. I dont want to rely on the post and you dont to have to either if you are worried.