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What is the world going to do about the future of developing countries escaping poverty and climate change?

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With India on the brink of industrialization because of global supply chains moving out of China and Africa the last part of the earth left to industrialize there will obviously massive emissions from these countries and its fair enough that they become middle class; why should only the west get to live in prosperity and luxury? I'm just wondering do we have any plan to deal with the coming boom of emissions.

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The true answer to this true ask MassimoL question is – nothing. Nothing will be done.

The refugee crisis of the 2015 – 2018 time is like the first exposure to what’s going to happen in the future, only the refugee crisis’ (plural) will be of greater magnitute.

The developing world is already trying to develop itself. But it is merely a race against time. If the developing world does not develop fast enough to where they achieve a level of wealth on par with the developed world, their institutions and systems will break when the next great famine, drought, plague, flood, fire, etc. wrecks havoc on their countries and forces millions to flee. And where will they go? The west.

The west has no current incentive to help the developing world. It benefits from the status quo. Cheap labor to exploit, and lack of rivals to contest their power. So the West wont work to change this until millions of refugees start knocking on their door and start crossing in mass into Texas and California and Sevilla and Naples and Greece and Darwin.

At that point, two things will happen to western countries, which will realistically be the only functional countries remaining.

1.) The western country will fall – either from its own failings to handle the pressure of climate change; from the incapability to handle the surge of refugees; or both.

2.) The western country will reject these refugees once it becomes clear they won’t stop coming, and that there are too many to realistically integrate into their society. This will be enforced by violence if necessary. Think a militarized US border or NATO military boats paroling the Mediterranean.

Well considering the fact that “the west” has been continuously invading, staging coups, and destabilizing any developing countries who have a chance of escaping eternal poverty, I’m going to guess something similar. The only way we’ll see the rest of the world advancing beyond slave labor and export focused economies is if the USA falls or is placed under new (non capitalist) leadership.

If you want proof of what I claim, start by googling operation Ajax and follow your nose. If you’re more of a book person, read Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein.

The West has to research, develop and incentivise clean technologies. There’s no other option. No other block of countries can do the necessary heavy lifting.

The best we can do for developing countries is to invest in their businesses and create jobs for those people. Because it is an investment, you will receive returns, but if your focus is altruism you can reinvest all the earnings so you can create more jobs and lift more people out of poverty.