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What is the worst punishment you received as a kid?

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What is the worst punishment you received as a kid?

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Senior year, high school. Long story short, I had learning disabilities and due to things changing in the district, those programs us disabled used were very suddenly axed and threw us out into normal classes. Where the teachers couldn’t bother to give a quarter of a fuck about us and pretty much all of us started failing, badly.

My mom, however, saw this as more of a my fault thing, that it was my fault I wasn’t adapting. This was right after she met someone new and that someone new was VERY hardline in his parenting and that rubbed off on my mom.

So as my grades fell, I lost everything dear to me. My laptop, my iPod, my old CD player (that I kept around even when I moved to an iPod), my cell phone. I cobbled together another computer from old 90s parts just so I could manage to still complete essays. That got taken too. My grades plummeted further. I was just managing to barely pass my classes, now I was actually failing them.

Boom, now my parent(s) took my door away, no more privacy. They also “took away” my rides to school, as punishment I had to walk to school (which involved me waking up at 5am so I barely slept as I had to stay up until midnight just to keep my head barely above water with the massive amounts of homework I got and no computer to help me get it done faster).

When I failed some classes, that resulted in my electives being taken away, so now school was all academic, all the time. No fun allowed, AT ALL.

I still don’t know how I managed to pass and graduate, but it was the most hollow fucking victory I ever got. The constant punishment I took that year wasn’t worth it.

I refused to clean my room so my mom got out a shovel and anything that was on the floor was shoveled into a big black garbage bag and thrown away.

It might sound silly, but getting yelled at by my dad. Hes got a short temper and sometimes I felt like I was walking on eggshells around him. Even hearing him yell at my siblings sent me into shakes and tears.

Got a citation at school for yelling at a bully in middle school. It was a fake one from a cop to scare me.

Parents took it well and told me to straighten up and to not let people get to me. Dad didn’t really seem to mind.

Few days later I was playing outside with my cousins, dad comes out high on Xanax and goes “oh yea, that goddam citation come here”

He gets very very very angry and abusive ok Xanax and he would pop several.

I’m confused because I thought everything was okay, I thought it was over.

Drags me up stairs makes me pull my pants down over the bathroom sink and beats the shit out of me with a belt. I couldn’t sit down without it hurting for a week. Purple big bruises and welts on my buttcheeks. Told my mom I was gonna tell someone at school but she said not to. He never touched me again after that but I’ll never forget it.

He also used to destroy everything in the house when he got high. Like literally destroy. Throw TVs out in the yard , knock over shit. Mess with my mom. Break shit.