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What is your favorite paradox?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What is your favorite paradox?
What is your favorite paradox?

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The paradox of being a parent: the days & nights are long & hard, yet the years fly by.

“I don’t like that place – no one goes there anymore because it’s always too crowded.”

Ocarina of Time bootstrap paradox.

As a child you meet a happy man in a windmill.

Time travel so you are an adult you meet the same man who is angered by a child who played a song that summoned a storm that caused the windmill to drain a nearby well. He teaches you the song.

Travel back in time and you play the song at the windmill, causing the above events.

Where did the song come from? Where did the cycle begin?

If you have your grandfather’s axe replace the handle a year latter then replace the blade is it still your grandfather’s axe

If you make a New Year’s resolution not to keep any New Year’s resolutions:

Would you keep it?