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What is your vision of Hell?

A world where Microsoft controls Linux foundation through their donations

This is more of a personal hell.

I envision nothing. A truly empty void of nothing, with nothing but your own thoughts to keep you company. Your own consciousness floating through the abyss, alone.

In my visions of hell, I see a vast nothingness in which billions of people wander the streets aimlessly. There is no law and there are no rules. All we live with is our own sense of self-preservation. A great number have died already from starvation or violence, but nobody seems to care for those who remain. The closest thing that can be called ‘society’ exists only among small groups who cooperate for their own benefit and protection.

I see the rich living in luxury while others are left to starve. I see those with power abusing their power, and those who are abused being unable to do anything about it. Those that speak up or try to fight for justice end up meeting violence themselves rather than receiving any justice.

I see a world in which might makes right, and those with the power to do so are allowed to do whatever they want. The laws exist only to benefit those who make them. I see all our lives being dictated by these laws that we ourselves have no hand in creating.

I see a government that has no real purpose, except to control the population. I see laws being made for the sake of keeping people in check and preventing them from causing too much trouble. I see our freedoms being stripped away by those who claim to protect us.

I see a world in which the most shrewd and cunning individuals come to rule, while those who are loyal or good-willed are left out in the cold.

I see a world in which it is easy to gain power because no one really cares about being just and fair. Without any real purpose or direction, people fall into the trap of trying to accumulate as much wealth, power, and prestige as they possibly can.

The worst point in your life / worst internal fear on a loop for eternity.

Never overcoming that feeling of fear and dread; just experiencing it again and again and again.

In an actual religious sense, if God exists, I’d imagine hell isn’t eternal fire or pain and all that like it’s generally thought to be.

I kind of think of it more as a physical space, maybe a blank unfurnished room, where you’re totally alone but after dying you have the knowledge that God does actually exist, but you’re stuck in hell without Him or anyone you love with nothing to do for eternity.

And you can’t kill yourself.