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What is your vision of Hell?

You have to queue for everything all the time and wear wet socks.

If Hell were real, I would imagine it would be everything but imaginable. It would be a realm you go to when you die that you suffer in for eternity. Not for a hundred years, not for aeons when the universe itself falls apart. Forever.

Anything is possible in this realm and you have no control over anything unless whatever looks over the realm let’s you. You will experience eternal suffering at the hands of your worst fears. Those fears could be amplified an infinite amount of time so your torment is frankly inconceivable.

Since anything can happen in this realm, reality is no longer real. For example, Hell can have you lay down on a beyond freezing cold stone bed where demons stab you repeatedly over and over and over again while your body instantly regenerates so they can go on with the pain forever. That pain is also amplified an infinite amount of times. It will be the worst pain you have ever felt.

Hopefully whatever happens after death isn’t what a person thinks happens and then that becomes the reality because my view of Hell doesn’t seem too pleasant in my opinion.

TL;DR Basically eternal suffering where the unimaginable will happen, over and over and over, forever.

Basically being forced to work 9-5 in a boomer-esque BS company, dredging for scraps in that mind-numbing/killing atmosphere. Basically the film Office Space (1999).

Being in a Christian themed amusment park packed full of really really religious people.

Probably blind.