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What makes you depressed?

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What makes you depressed?

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2020 in general.

  • Lost my livelihood due to COVID. Ive made 700 dollars this year where I usually make 100x that.
  • Beloved girlfriend developed a hardcore heroin addiction and I didn’t notice. She’s gone now but the scars remain.
  • Dont qualify for any sort of public assistance. I was self employed.
  • I’ve been vomiting every day and I don’t know why
  • I’ve applied for over 100 jobs I’m VERY qualified for, but employers see my self employment as a gap in work history. No new job.
  • I’m not even sure my phone or cable will be on in a week.

just found out my husband is probably having an affair. we just had our first child 7 months ago. i haven’t felt this low in years.

Being myself, i’m just a big, unlike-able mess of mental illness that ruins anything i get close to.

The lack of serotonin in my brain.

The fact that our existential problem is solvable, but that we’re not doing anything about it.