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What movie has not aged well with the times?

The original Bad News Bears has a child say the line ‘We have Jews, spcs, nggers and now a girl’

Watching that with my then partner and we both choked at that line and had to rewind it because we couldn’t believe it.

Overboard. Watched it as a kid and took it in as a normal silly little romantic comedy. On second viewing the movie turned dark pretty quick with Kur Russel’s character kidnapping and basically committing rape.

Any Steven Seagal movie. His old man stunts look like crap now.

It kills me, but we recently went back to watch Mrs. Doubtfire and hated it? The dad is irresponsible and undermines his wife in huge ways. They separate and it becomes clear he’s unstable and not taking the divorce, custody, or anything seriously. Then when his ex is looking for a nanny, he harasses her pretending to be various people so she doesn’t get an actual nanny, but hires one of his fake personas. He calls her non-stop so she doesn’t get any real inquiries. So he, an adult that has proven he’s immature and encourages misbehavior, is now their nanny. Sure, he ends up being more responsible as the nanny, but he also does incredibly messed up shit to his kids, his wife, and others (like giving his ex-wife’s new dude a food he’s allergic to, bringing his kids into a pact to lie to their mom and what appears to be child protective services, just… what?). It’s bizarre because I remember loving it, I remember adults liking it, but now I don’t see how.