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What subInternet changed you for the better?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What subreddit changed you for the better?
What subreddit changed you for the better?

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/r/stopsmoking actually helped me quit smoking so that’s pretty awesome in my book!!

Honestly? I picked up a lot of good advice from askreddit.


I can finally get all my Arsenal related anger out online rather than in person, and I don’t seem to drive people away from me as much now.


This guys story about being a prisoner in “the troubled-teen industry” should be read by everyone on MassimoL.

It is a bitter dose of reality but it is very well done and you will know more about this industry, which only still exists because so many people do not know about it.

It also speaks a lot about depression and other issues, it’s very human and I think everybody can take something from it.

r/adhdwomen I just got diagnosed last year as a 30 something adult and I’ve learned so much about myself there.