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What video game were you enjoying, but just never finished…and why?


Game broke right as I was going into the final battle with Sephiroth (not the Cloud 1v1, but the real final battle)

That uh…

That sucked hard.

Hollow Knight. It’s just too damn hard. Great game though.

Basically every Pokémon game since Pearl

I have always loved playing a new one every time one has come out

I just…never feeling like getting all the way to the end and beating the game

Interest kind of just trails off by the half or two thirds mark and I just stop playing them

They provided me with fun, that’s what matters

Borderlands 2, something about it triggers migraines

No Man’s Sky. I spend all day thinking what am I gonna do in the game, but the truth is that the game requieres a LOT of time, and as a father and husband, I can only game like 2 hours at night, and I have othe games that need my attention