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Have you ever seen someone ruin their life, if so what did they do?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Have you ever seen someone ruin their life, if so what did they do?
Have you ever seen someone ruin their life, if so what did they do?

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They just hit the meth pipe once and just like that they were over with, I seen said person go from 25+ an hour to losing a house wife and kids and a whole 2 cars for meth.. I seen said person walking around in circles at a local gas station not far from my house needless to say they were gone.

During my sophomore year of college, there was an honors student who failed all of his midterms.

The reason this is significant is that that student was on a specific scholarship in which he had to maintain a 3.5 GPA or above in order to live on campus for free. Since he failed all of his midterms, his GPA hit the tank hard. That same student went up to the top of a parking garage and jumped off of it. Sadly, the student didn’t die on impact and was still alive. IDK what happened to that student afterwards. I just remember seeing a large group of cop cars and an ambulance outside of the college parking garage. I started asking around and I was told multiple versions of this story. IDK what’s true or what’s false. All I do know is that the student did attempt suicide by jumping off the parking garage but failed.

A week after the incident, the university had free counseling sessions for any student over at the psychology department if anybody felt stressed out/needed mental help. Sad deal overall.

Friend was a banker. He forged a client’s signature on a document because he was too lazy to call them. They found out.

He lost his job, and worse, all of his financial certifications and designations were suspended. His bachelor degree in finance was also pretty much flushed down the toilet at this point.

He was too scared to tell his wife how bad he screwed up, so he told her he quit on moral grounds because he didn’t approve of the company’s direction. She hasn’t trusted his judgement since.

This was 13 years ago, he’s now an assistant manager for a retail chain.

Heroin, they did heroin.

My brother. He cheated on his wife and arranged it so she’d catch him because he was too big a coward to just tell her.

Their divorce took two years, mainly because my sister-in-law wanted him to help pay for their daughters’ college and he refused.

In the meantime, he was living with the woman he cheated with, paying all the bills. The divorce was finalized (my sister-in-law gave up on the college fund), he married the other woman and was dead within 6 months from alcohol.

My sister in law kept him from drinking himself to death for 20 years. He gave her and his two beautiful daughters up so he could drink himself to death.

The other woman, a fourth grade teacher, immediately started dating a sex offender (offense was with a minor), moving him into her home with her minor daughters. She was dead within a year of a brain aneurysm.

When my brother was in the hospital dying, I was the only one who went to see him. His “wife” was off in another state partying with her oldest daughter. She didn’t come back for a week. When she did, she came to the hospital once for one hour and never came back. My brother’s daughters refused to see him, so he essentially died alone. I stayed for 10 days and then I had to go back to work in another state.

My sister-in-law, his ex-wife, made sure he got a funeral.