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Have you ever seen someone ruin their life, if so what did they do?

I got addicted to Adderall (legit ADHD) and it is literally living two separate lives. Productive you, ready to learn a new language, tackle all those projects you’ve been putting off and finally follow through with those “We should hangout soon texts!”. Then there is the other you, the original you who now has this curse constantly telling you, “This would be so much more enjoyable if I had an Adderall.” Or even “I am a better person with it, why can’t I be as social, outgoing and have the same love for life without it?” Reverting even, making plans while peaking then totally ignoring those obligations if my prescription ran out.

When you do finally stop taking it for good, that curse doesn’t go away, it just fades. Sitting at work, the feeling creeps up out of nowhere. Playing a mundane game, you think about how much better your Kill/Death would be, etc. I don’t think I could turn down a 30mg IR Adderall if someone offered me one right now. The “road to recovery” has been tough, finding that same work ethic I used to have. Becoming the guy who would stay late and go the extra mile because I genuinely wanted to separate myself from slackers. Now it’s hard not to call out of work simply because I don’t feel like being bored for 8 hours.

Please don’t abuse or even use stimulants. Once you feel the guilt and see the facade of your “accomplishments” from Adderall, when the fun is over and you’re left with scarred cheeks and teeth that have been ground down.

Married the psycho hot chick. Ended up broke and having to watch their kids get abused from afar.

Dude in my elementary school thought it would be cool to tell people he put a dog in a sack and smashed it to death with a brick. Everyone in the school started bullying him so much he dropped out at 7th grade and to this day he’s still seen asking for change or a smoke on the side of the road.

meth. from normal educated guy with lots of friends to crazy rambling paranoid lunatic that you cross the street to avoid. Moving from hotel to hotel as he gets kicked out of one after another and thinks there’s a giant global conspiracy to keep him down. No, it’s the meth pipe.

Yep, a close friend of mine got addicted to heroin and fucked everything going for them