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Have you ever seen someone ruin their life, if so what did they do?

Had a good job, nice wife, 2 kids and a nice house in the city. Decided to cheat on his wife, his wife forgave him. Decided to leave his wife anyway, but the girl he cheated with was not interested. Went for girl #3, left his house, lost custody, cheated on #3, got kicked out, rented a crappy appartment. Decided he had a burnout, stopped working, boozed up and lost his job. All in a couple of months. We stood open mouthed and watched. He decided he didn’t need help.

As far as I know he did find another job, so I hope he can turn it arround. And see his kids again.

The Reynolds Pamphlet.

Cheated on his wife. Then after she forgave him, he cheated on her again while she was pregnant with their second child.

Yes dude got addicted to meth shot his friend in the stomach with a .357 somehow; dude lived put out a video on FB from the hospital saying “I love you bro turn yourself in”. Went to prison got out only to find he couldn’t handle life outside the gates stole a bottle of vodka and drank it till the cops came an got him for violating parole.

Wasting enormous amounts of time being unproductive.