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What was normal in 2000, but strange in 2020?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What was normal in 2000, but strange in 2020?
What was normal in 2000, but strange in 2020?

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Remembering those times where the whole neighborhood played football, younger and older kids mixing up. A lot more playing outside than nowaydays. Seems strange but I loved that about my youth. There where always friends of neighborhood kids to play with..

Phones without internet or just having internet through the phone cable, it was damn expensive. Computerscreens with the big backs.

Going to the record shop for a cd/single.

Buying newspaper for my dad, spending the rest of the money on candy.

In 2000 we had a different currency than the euro

And so on.. In 20 years things changed a lot

Writing down an address or telephone number to store the information for later.

Pretending the internet was not gonna be much. Saying “Oh yeah, when the internet runs the world?” Or something dismissive like that.

At one point if it was on social media, people said “But it’s on social media, so it doesn’t really matter.”

People in 2020 lose careers over their posts on social media.

Kids being home alone for multiple hours

Frosted tips.