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What was the nicest thing someone has done for you?

Got all my coworkers to donate money for a gift to me from my criminally underpaid apprenticeship. I recieved $350 which was exactly how much I needed for an upcoming bill, it really saved me when I had literally $0.70 in my account.

To be fair, a few weeks earlier a different coworker noticed me not eating and bought me lunch, then many of them brought me leftovers.

Wow that apprenticeship was fucked up…

Threw flashbang at me

My parents supported me all through my education

Organized over $2000 worth of gifts to help us celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary

I had a sore leg (it was sore enough that I couldn’t put much weight on it and idk why it was sore) and my school did this fundraiser run, of which I participated, as you could walk. My best friend, of whom I’m still friends with to this day and hope to always be that way, stayed by my side, limping the whole way. I still thank him for that, it meant a lot to me.