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What was the nicest thing someone has done for you?

Best mate let me live with him in Ibiza for a month rent free ..

My firstborn had a severe deformity, and spent a week in hospital before we took him off life support. I was staying at the Ronald McDonald House and even though one of the rules was that you are your own maid when you leave, complete with doing laundry and remaking the beds, I was a complete wreck. A kind stranger took care of my room for me even though they were going through their own stuff.

Another blessing from that dark time is that the funeral home took care of everything for me, including all bills associated with the service and cremation.

I will never not donate to the Ronald McDonald House and I know what funeral home I’ll be using when I one day need one again.

My brother took me in when I couldn’t live with my parents anymore and he helped me sober up, deal with my depression and change my lifestyle.

There is nothing I could ever give him in return for all he’s done for me.

In August of my freshman year of high school, a guy said “nice shirt” to me

I’ve been hanging on to that for like 4 years lmao

I took my sister whose in a wheelchair to the cinema for the first time on my own. At the end, I realized I could’t undo the brakes, because it was a new wheelchair, and was blocking everyone. I felt like crying because I thought everyone was pissed at me, but some nice lady helped me, then took me and my sister out. She said she once had a son who needed a wheelchair. This was long ago but I’ll never forget.