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What will you always remember and tell about this pandemic?

They didn’t wear mask because “freedom”…

As an Australian it’ll be how well we’ve dealt with covid 19 so far as a country. And yes, there have been some mistakes that cost a lot of lives and a lot of hardship.
But generally speaking we could have done a lot worse.

Perhaps it’s what I’m trying to tell people right now.

You think we’re “turning the corner” on this? Think again. I’m a little over 2 weeks into a new job. Working at a factory assembling N95 masks. They’re hiring like crazy. New people come in every few days, and we’re still not keeping up with demand. The place where I work has been dormant since the end of the Cold War but has been repurposed to crank out masks. 600,000 a day. And we’re just one factory of many.

Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times, folks. This is far from over.

I don’t want to remember this goddamn pandemic. It shut down my industry, locked up my state, and essentially left me homeless for a little while. I’ve been living with my folks since March doing piece-meal work while renovating my van and waiting for event contracts to come back. It took a particularly steaming shit on my life, at a stage where I was set to really start enjoying it after years of preparing for the life I wanted to lead.

Fuck Covid man.

Provided your job is doable from home, remote working is a viable option, pandemic or not.

In other words, screw commutes.