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What will you always remember and tell about this pandemic?

We had a president who literally undercut the federal response just so it would help his re-election. One who opposed testing because testing reveals how many cases exist.

I guess what it will boil down to is this “Kids, this was always going to be bad and a lot of people were going to die. But our political leadership didn’t give a shit and made a bad situation dire”

the night the first cases got to my city i was working at walmart in the photo centre.

my area of the store was dead quiet but if i walked maybe 15 yards it was like walking into a disaster movie. it was surreal and something i’ll never forget.

also, i have a cash in my department designed for small purchases only. being told i’m selfish and useless for not processing people’s $200 panic buys a pretty memorable too.

working retail during a pandemic made me realise just how disgustingly selfish people really are sometimes. that’s something i’ll always remember

Honestly? The personal growth. At the least the pandemic taught me i need to get my shit together and try to learn something to have a sustainable income. I mean, i didnt do much before so the staying in wasnt new. But damn, in a town where jobs were scarce, it became even scarcer. My temp job just ended, theres not many perm jobs around unless your trained, and the lists are high in the numbers. The pandemic atleast taught me, and will have me preaching to people about working hard and not just being a bum. Because fuck, im honestly scared rn haha

Every cough and every sore throat raises the question: is this the thing that kills me?

One of the biggest mistakes made in this pandemic was to call it “social distancing” instead of “physical distancing”