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What’s a good song for a 60 year old father, with no rythym and two left feet, to dance to with his 24 year old daughter at her wedding?

Bensonhurst Blues by oscar benton

I have no ideas but I wish u the best of luck

Slow songs were literally made for shitty dancers like us my man. Try something 1950s. That was an age designed specifically for squares. The music is intentionally easy to dance to. Try Earth Angel or something like that. If you want a more fun fast song I find Runaround Sue very easy to dance to. Assuming you don’t have any addiction issues I’d recommend getting a little buzzed on alcohol. Dancing is really an exercise in showing people how little you give a fuck what they think. Alcohol can help you find your own “I don’t give a fuck I’m just gonna shake my body to the rhythm like there’s no tomorrow.” If weed is legal in your state I would highly recommend that too. You understand music on a whole different level when you’re stoned and can sing in key and dance to a beat like it’s totally natural. Just don’t smoke very much if you’re new to it. THC also stimulates your amygdala at higher doses and that takes a lot of skill and experience to get over

Loudon Wainwright’s Daughter – there’s no good way to dance to it, so there can’t be a bad way to dance to it.

“Ready, Set, Don’t Go”

My brother and his daughter danced to that at her wedding. It was a tear jerker .