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What’s the best way to stop being lonely?

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What’s the best way to stop being lonely?

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It’s important to learn that being alone and being lonely are two different things.

It’s perfectly possible to be both alone and happy.

However, if we are alone and sad, we often translate this to loneliness.

This shows that, in order to deal with loneliness, we actually need to deal with the underlying sadness.

There are many healthy ways in which can deal with sadness. One of these is mindfulness.

You can look it up but this involves allowing yourself to feel your emotions fully without judging yourself for having these emotions.

Also, humans are naturally social beings. People enjoy being in the company of kind hearted people. So, being kind (to both yourself and others) is a way in which you can make more friends.

Hope this helps

Sit on your hand til it goes numb and then when you hold it, it feels like someone else’s

I’m a socially adept introvert, so I’m good at making friends but I definitely need some time between social situations in which to recharge.

What I do to avoid loneliness, is to schedule social activities with people in the future so that I am committed to spending time with them in order to avoid reneging on my commitments. Up until the time that we hang out, I dread everything about meeting up with people. But afterwards I’m always glad that I did. Even if the friends are particularly close, or you haven’t talked to them in a while, you might end up having a really good time. I’ve always found that it’s worth it to put yourself out there, and maybe you’ll have the time of your life.

Watch a horror movie with all of the lights out.

You won’t feel so lonely then.

Keep yourself busy, do something, go somewhere, get a pet

Coming from someone who just moved out on my own for the first time with no roommates or pets