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Whats it like going to sleep the first night after waking up from a long coma?

My coma wasn’t super long — only like 3½-4 days, but I distinctly remember not being able to sleep at all for at least 4 nights after I woke up and yet feeling fucking exhausted and just horribly shitty the whole time.

When I was finally able to sleep, the quality was absolutely atrocious and I’d wake up easily 5-6 times per night, and it absolutely bumfuqqd my sleep schedule for close to a month

Not sure how it went for others who were comatose for much longer than me though

If it were me id be terrified personally

After 14 days under and 3 days awake in the hospital, those few nights “awake” didn’t really count, in the hospital the beeping, the constant movement, every few hours nurses take vitals and what not, you don’t really sleep. I was on some serious meds still and I woke up every few minutes. But, in those few conscious hospital nights, very vivid dreams about going back under, waking up making sure there’s no tube down my throat, like shooting straight up to make sure I was really awake.
My first night at home was the worst, I was so weak I could hardly get to the bathroom, my dreams made me feel like I was back under, the lack of “beeping” and hospital movement made me feel like I was under again, or dead (silence to me felt like forever) I would have to sleep with the TV on (honestly still do) to make sure I was conscious. I have never slept right again, been on ever sleeping med you can name, I cannot sleep on my own anymore.

I was in a coma for a week when I woke up I had to spend 3 days in the hospital I couldn’t speak I was still trying to breathe on my own anaphylactic shock from grass they would give me something to go to sleep each night the hospital that is

I’ve never been in a coma but that’s an interesting question. I’ve never thought about that before