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What’s one thing you deeply regret?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What’s one thing you deeply regret?
What’s one thing you deeply regret?

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Not trying

Not seeing a psychiatrist sooner. Spent 6 years getting a 4 year degree, and that’s with a full course load every semester. Struggled throughout my entire school life. Struggled with talking to people. Thrived online and over text though. The year after graduation, finally sought out help. Turns out I have a learning disability, specifically, auditory processing disorder. Requested reasonable accommodation at work and my production doubled. All I needed was to be able to read what people were telling me. I’ve watched more movies in the last 2 years than I have in my whole life, subtitles are a game changer. I’m living in a new world.

If you think movies and shows are impossible to follow, if you walk away from conversations with no idea what was said, if you have bosses constantly repeating directions to you, or if you hate phone calls because they’re ineffective, that’s not normal! Look into it!!!

Not being an active decision maker in life. Just flowing through time and life like a dead plant.

Cheating on my girlfriend and causing so much hurt.

Asked my husband to sleep on the couch that one night. I woke up to find him dead the next morning.