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What’s the dumbest Coronavirus conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard?

China created COVID-19 to weaken the US & Europe from within in order to further absorb Hong Kong and invade Taiwan without military repercussions.

Oh, wait….

It’s been said before, but easily the 5G coronavirus theory is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. 5G towers can only spread electromagnetic waves, not a physical virus. People only seemed to freak out with 5G, not LTE, not 4G, not even 3G. The believers seem to associate Bill Gates with this, which is odd since he is nowhere associated with any sort of 5G provider as far as I know. But it will be funny when the Karens want to upgrade their iPhones but they all have 5G by default.

My FIL believes covid is made up by an elite group who control the world (think Illuminati) because they needed to change the batteries in the birds.

That it doesn’t exist. Why would the entire world conspire to keep us from going out and stimulating the economy? How would the whole world even agree to it?

Corona virus can turn people into zombies.