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What’s the one gift you’ve been given that made you think to yourself, “Man, they really don’t know me.”?

I said I liked wolves ONCE and suddenly from ages 12-17 all the gifts I got were wolf-related, even as I started (VERY LOUDLY) thinking cats were great and wolves are kinda mediocre IMO.

If I get one more wolf ceramic I’m busting down a wall. I haven’t even mentioned wolves in years. I turn 22 in a few months.

My papa got me a lamp. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great and I do use it but.. I was 12.

A bra. i am a thin boy

I have never ever displayed any interest in sports whatsoever. When I was 13 or 14 my dad got me a basketball hoop while my brother got a kick-ass stereo. I knew it was an expensive gift so I spent some time outside for a bit just shooting baskets (or trying to anyway) but I was super bummed that I got something I didn’t want and that my dad didn’t know me at all.

Granny wanted (kindly) to buy lots of meat for our wedding breakfast.

We’re both vegetarian :/