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What’s the one gift you’ve been given that made you think to yourself, “Man, they really don’t know me.”?

When I was 13 I got my parents some of those deer whistles for the front of your car. When they opened it up they had this look of disgust, as if “what the hell are we gonna do with this“. To this day I understand they are a shitty gift.

Guess what my mom bought me for my 40th birthday?

One Christmas my mom and uncle each got me a bottle of liquor.

I can’t drink. I have an extreme alcohol intolerance. Get real bad Asian flush, a migraine, my chest gets real tight. It’s awful.

I got shapewear as a birthday gift when I was 15.

My family threw a quinceañera party for me and invited a ton of extended family I didn’t know. This lady who hadn’t seen me in person since I was a toddler gave me shapewear. It wasn’t even good shapewear, it was a cheap stretchy white top that only made it to my waist, so it turned my boobs and belly into a cylinder, my hips/waist looked like a popped can of pillsbury biscuits.

A bunch of other ladies gave me business casual tops, which I passed on to my mom since we were both the same size and she liked them. I was going to donate them. My mom wore one to another party by mistake and the lady who gave it to me saw and called it out. My mom just told her I let her borrow it but the lady wasn’t having it.

I get not knowing me, but who thinks a 15 year old wants shapewear and office work clothes? Most 15 year olds in my area can only get retail or food jobs that require a uniform anyway.


A Marianas Trench CD.
I don’t and never have listened to them, she bought it because she knew I “liked rock music”.
Said “I knew you like them!” when I opened it. I thanked her anyway.
Ngl, I felt a little insulted.