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What’s the point of being “good” anymore?

It does seem hopeless at times but remember to “be the change you want to see in the world”. You’d be surprised by the snowball effect of a kind act.

I choose the right thing because I like how it changes me for the better.

I certainly don’t choose to do the right thing because it makes me feel better, because 1/2 the time it doesn’t feel good.

It is valued, but the signal of love is lost in the noise of hate.

Spend more time with people who emit positive energy, and less time with the people who steal yours.

Be gracious to all. But time is a limited resource, so reserve it for the people who you make you a better person.

And based on what you have written above, you are worth spending time with. Thank you.

I understand what you are saying, but take solace in the company of my friends who hold also strive to be good.

It’s important to remember some things: fewer people are starving in the world, the crime rate has gone down in most of the US, child mortality rates are down overall.

Despite the apparent trend towards greater racism and oppression of the poor in more countries than I care to enumerate, my probably overly-optimistic hope is that cycles in politics phase themselves out and we will be able go back to working on improving people’s lives.

This is a time when it is important to continue being good – otherwise how could we look back on our lives without shame?

When you grow older you value close friends and family more than strangers, this is how life goes. And don’t go ahead and lie cheat and steal. Society is built around punishing that behavior socially and by law.

Don’t let a few bad personal events warp your reality.

And yes as someone else said: News only reports bad things.