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What’s the point of being “good” anymore?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What’s the point of being “good” anymore?

I've spent my life trying to be “good”: volunteering, donating, giving to others. I play by the rules. I'm honest, I do my best to consider others' needs. I've never received any reward or recognition for it because I never asked for any.

The older I get, I find myself surrounded by fewer and fewer kind people. Here in the US, it feels like most folks are only looking out for themselves, on a hairline trigger, ready to explode at anyone for the most benign reasons.

Those who give the most appear to be treated poorly. Veterans with PTSD are homeless. Most 9/11 first responders died waiting 18 years for medical help. Doctors and nurses treating patients for Covid-19 are harrassed by anyone who sees them as a political threat.

I fear that being “good” isn't valued by society, and at worst, could lead to being hurt or killed. What's the point anymore? Society has taught me that the best way to live is to lie, cheat, and steal.

Ed ecco le risposte:

Regardless of recognition or praise, is it not still preferable to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem?

The news purposely only likes to report the bad stuff since it boosts sales and viewers.

Society is not the place you can make a difference and notice it. The BS about everyone being able to change the world was conjured up by people who’ve ‘won’ – the Steve Jobs, Zuckerbergs et al get to write the rule books. They’re forgetting the people who have to work in call centres to make their dreams happen.

But you do have the ability to improve things by being ‘good’. Just look at what you can actually affect.

You can cheer a mate up, you can buy better products, you can vote, you can protest, you can join movements or change career, even. All of these things you have massive influence over.

Good goes further when you work within your sphere of influence.

One shouldn’t have to try and “be” good. They either are or they aren’t. If being good because they’re expected to goes against their nature, that says a lot about their personality.

What you’re arguing is a mob mentality. “Because everybody else is doing it that means I should too.”

The world isn’t as crazy as you think it is. It just seems that way because the media. Things are covered that were never covered before. News gets out immediately where before it took days.

Sounds like you need to surround yourself with better people.