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What’s the worst coworker you’ve ever worked with?

The CEO’s girlfriend was a devout vegan who would patrol the office around lunch to make sure that anyone who was eating meat promised not to use the sponge in the kitchen to wash anything that meat had touched. She did this in yoga pants and heels, but because her personality sucked, she wasn’t remotely attractive.

For April Fool’s day, I rinsed out a carton of chicken broth and filled it with mango juice, and made a point of pouring myself a glass and drinking it in front of her. She was disgusted, so it was twice as delicious.

The ones who don’t tell you they have too much work. In my culture, people believe you have to be multitasked and bear as much work as possible.

However, it means they are unreliable. I had one who were always late to submit his work, because he had too much work, and took everything as prior task. Yes, he is hardworking, but cannot be relied on. I would say the lack of communication is worse than incompetence. I mean, it’s necessary for me to know one’s difficulties, so that I can arrange the work better.

Since he was also my friend, I trained him to reject my or my boss’ offers whenever he felt pressured. It worked well as he was comfortable to say no.

Three person department. Myself, an awesome dude and this terrible new co-worker. She was fresh out of college and believed that she was smarter than myself and our other team member because of that. She totally discounted anyone’s opinions except her own and one manager that let her do whatever she wanted. She was the worst one-upper than I’d ever met. Even for stupid things, like going to a coffee stand, she’d chime in and say how her friends work at a coffee stand and they know her order by heart. Just stupid stuff. She thought she was adorable and charming but was incredibly grating and worthless. She constantly messed up on her job but if you tried to help or give any constructive feedback, she’d cry and go to her wet nurse (aka the one manager that liked her.) She lasted almost four years, which blew my mind. She was furloughed at the beginning of Corona, but will not be returning as her position is being taken by the owner’s daughter. The company split about two years ago, I went to the new company and she and awesome dude stayed at the old one.

In my first week my boss confided in me that we ought to hang Obama from a tree and that’s when I knew I fucked up.

Over the next three years I was tormented as she learned more about be. When she learned I loved animals, she would talk about how she shot a skunk and its babies.

The Liberals are trying to kill Jesus all over again.

Everyone on the team except for her favorite had gone to her manager about her comments and behavior. We lost 5 employees in 4 months and all of them listed her as the main problem.

Finally, after 3 years of her doing her thing I finally snapped and demanded to speak to her out on the patio of our office and tore into her for at least 10 minutes of viciously explaining to her why she’s a terrible human being and just let forth of everything.

The next day I was asked to go to HR and they asked me what happened.

“How much time do you have?”

“However much you feel you need.” (I was definitely getting fired.)

“Well it all started when she told me we need to lynch the President…” And for 2 hours I went through my entire dossier I had been keeping on her for the last 3 years and HR was rightfully terrified.

She was called in later that day. and the next day after that the VP of Marketing addressed the team and explained that she wouldn’t be returning and she’s agreed to take another permission working alone from a different building. She quit shortly after that.

I got another 6 months before I saw I was about to get let go for poor numbers and her pet wound up being her replacement (She was much better at the job.) but I was horrible in the position and had a terrible view of the company.

The Pet recommended that I go talk to IT about a possible position and over the Christmas Holiday I taught myself enough to get hired on as HelpDesk Support.

Been there for 2 years and I love my job and company. (Despise the marketing department.)

Anyone who has ever talked shit behind my back while acting like my best friend. I 100% keep my distance from coworkers now.