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What’s the worst coworker you’ve ever worked with?

I worked in a restaurant with a guy who claimed to have PTSD from tripping to hard on lsd. It was a busy place around 4 to 5 hundred plates a night with only 5 chefs. Every time his station got more than like ten simultaneous tickets he would run out the back. Leaving me and the guy on the other side of him to do his job. Also his “ptsd” was never medically confirmed, and we believed he just made it up.

Had a supervisor that LOVED to chew ass and harass. You could make the most minor mistake and she would tell at you, and if you asked to do something or have her show you how to do a task, her excuse was “go ask this person, they’re better at it,” or “I’m kinda busy” followed by jumping on her social media.

I’m sympathetic to bipolar people, but it was very difficult coming from a boss.

He creeped the fuck out of all the girls at work and then it came out he had stalking and sexual assault charges pending outside work. Fired that day.

One guy who swore that the company was conspiring against men, since they continuously hire people and the last batch of new employees were women. Literally would wait till all women leave the room to say that the company is plotting against us men…

I would just tell him to STHU since it was workplace appropriate but he was serious as all hell.