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What’s the worst mistake human(s) have made?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What’s the worst mistake human(s) have made?
What’s the worst mistake human(s) have made?

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Heavily restricting research on stem cells in some western countries, where ethical research could have been done. The therapeutic potential of stem cells is immense.

Using plastic, one of most durable items ever created, in non reusable/ disposable items.

eating that damn apple

Allowing political donations. Classifying companies as people. Codifying that corporate money is freedom of speech. Religious statehoods. Ruling that news does not have to be accurate. Allowing unvetted false news ads on advertising platforms. Being tolerant of discrimination because it’s within a religion. Opaque charity records that get tax breaks. Hidden religious tax records that receive tax concessions.

And that’s all from the top of my head.

Social media! Every has a right to an opinion but not everyone’s opinion is worth hearing and being shared. The vanity of the modern human has reached an all time high thanks in large part to social media. However, there is a silver lining. A lot of good has also come from it. But I do feel the psychological damage being done may be irreversible. And yes, I realize my opinion means nothing and this is mildly ironic.