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What’s the worst place to hear “uh oh”?

On a roller coaster

A cockpit from the pilot’s seat

At the DMV. Worst fucking feeling.

From the room youre in when youre supposed to be alone

Kind of happened in the dentist office. I was getting an implant, feeling quite uncomfortable as the dentist was twisting the base into place in my jaw, when suddenly the room went silent. The dentist pulled back, then without a word, left the room. I could hear a muffled conversation between him and a colleague. When he came back in he said, “the implant has broken. We’re looking around to see if we can find one the right size. In the meantime, we’re going to have to remove what we’ve already installed. We’ll do our best to make you comfortable.” I don’t have real good teeth, and I’ve been to the dentist hundreds of times in my life, but that day was the absolute worst.