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What’s the worst way a person can ruin their life?

Complacency, because there’s still so much more that one can achieve beyond what we have now. Not only talking about financially, but on all aspects of life.

Thinking it’s too late to change.

Have kids with a vindictive person who uses them at every turn to hurt you, eventually alienating them to the point they don’t want anything to do with you. It’s a living bereavement. A pain that debilitates and never leaves.

Getting pregnant at 14

By doing nothing.

By wanting things but doing nothing about it, no really. Things don’t come easily and they don’t like make decisions so they just do nothing about it. They do nothing, they decide nothing, so they get nothing.

They see other people getting things, doing things, they conclude tht they have bad luck, that the system is rigged against them. They don’t take any responsibility – these things are happening are just happening to them and they have nothing to do with it.

They become more and more bitter and isolated, unable to get joy from anything. Some people may try to befriend them, believe their tale of woe but will clearly see that they are doing nothing and will leave them disgusted.

When these people die, they will not have made a single positive impact on anyone alive to remember them.