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What’s the worst way a person can ruin their life?

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What’s the worst way a person can ruin their life?

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Crack or meth maybe also underage pregnancy

Drunk driving, or texting while driving.

The odds of you causing yourself a serious and lifelong injury are pretty high, but it’s the odds of you harming other people that make this absolute worst. The number of times you hear about some happy family getting wiped out by an asshole who didn’t want to call a taxi home from the bar, or someone whose spouse bled out on the side of the road because Karen thought she was fine to have that extra glass of Chardonnay with dinner and everyone was too polite to take her keys off her… it makes my blood absolutely boil. Just imagine that being the explanation someone gives you when the police tell you that you’re now the only person in your family left alive: that, regardless of the pain you’re now feeling, it’s all part of the plan because Jimmy Dumbass over there really had tell his wife to pick him up a Snickers when she was at the supermarket.

Most of the other things that people have mentioned will fuck your life up, but this is one of few things that can — in an instant, and in a lot of ways down to random static in universe — ruin the lives of a whole bunch of people you’ve never even met before.

Get married

Cheat on wife


Doesn’t realize it

Fucks wife

Impregnates wife

Now wife and baby have HIV

Multiple lives ruined

Become dependent on hard drugs

Becoming a pedophile, murderer, or both.