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What’s your advice to people who feel lonely or left out in life?

I once went out with a group of people where I felt completely left out – quite literally, they all spread out and I sat at the table alone for 20 minutes. I only knew one or two people in the group and I just instantly felt so uncomfortable because of how left out I felt. Normally I would have sucked it up and stayed but then I thought, “Why am I staying when I’m so uncomfortable?” So I left and went home to watch a movie. I actually felt very empowered because I CHOSE to leave a situation I didn’t like and by the end of the evening, I wasn’t even that bothered any more.

Accept the reality of your situation and carry forth. You can’t lose what you never had.

learn to be your own best company. you are the constant in your own life, find ways to enrich it or have fulfilment in it without having to involve others.

OK, this will be a long story.

So in July 21, 2019, I was adopted.

My biological father had always been a piece of s. For example, he signed his rights away voluntarily, all he wanted was a horse trailer. The last time I ever saw him was when he dropped me off at my mom’s, saying he’d pick me up for easter. He never did.

There was an official statement written down word-for-word about what he told his attorney.

And I quote, “She was an unruly and undisciplined child that never really saw me as her father.”

and then took the picture of me in the truck after my adoption that my mom had posted, reposted it, with the caption, “I love you [my name] I always will.”

And I have a half sister, too. She was born with many medical conditions, including scholiosis.(I probably spelled that wrong)

My grandma told him to sign his rights to HER away for $500 and a barbeque grill.

He took it.

Now, what does this have to do with advice?

I can tell you now that I believed I didn’t have a voice. I was scared to say something about that situation to anybody, I was afraid that his desicions were my fault.

But you are better than somebody’s puppet. If somethings going on, say something. Whenever mama asked me about him I’d freeze up. But your feelings are just as real as the pain your going through. Nobody’s going to get mad about you having a rough time.

And if somebody ever pulls that son you, they don’t deserve you.

Someday people will like you for who you are so don’t try to change however you can improve some areas in yourself, and love will come to you when you are not expecting it, it always comes for everyone