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What’s your wildest high school secret?

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What’s your wildest high school secret?

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My friend’s mom was a math teacher. The summer before I was in her class I had the brilliant idea to find notes or tests or whatever to cheat with because I was terrible at math. Whenever I was at their house I’d try to stealthily look around.

After a few visits I was getting frustrated at finding nothing and expanded my search zone eventually leading to the parents’ bedroom once when everyone was outside. I didn’t find any math notes, but did find a drawer with lingerie, toys, lube, etc. The horny part of my brain took over and I snatched a pair of lacy underwear, shoved them in my pocket, then went outside and made an excuse to go home.

On the first day of school I realized, obviously, she kept all her schoolwork in the locked filing cabinets in the classroom.

8 kids in our senior class committed suicide. Our ancient history teacher, a man in his 60’s was busted for having a miniscule amount of marijuana and he went nuts in class outing parents and prominant town leaders as cocaine dealers.

Not crazy wild but I guess a “scandal”: We were juniors and one of the younger teachers (ok but like, ~30) lived in the apartment across the hall where we were partying. Unclear as to how he showed up but at some point was drunk and sitting on the couch with one of the girls on his lap. That’s all I recall before they disappeared.. together.

Monday rolls around and, to no surprise, it got out. For reasons also unclear, none of us said shit when we were all grilled by the office staff. Without proof anything happened homeboy is still teaching there, as far as I know.

I was at a party in my senior year of high school. I didnt know the guy who lived there so I didnt investigate when I smelled pot coming from the back of the house. But I did notice that among the half dozen or so teenagers coming out that room later, a couple of adults were with them. One of them was my chemistry teacher who seemed rather surprised to see several of his students in the room. He quietly left the party.

I went to a small school in Colorado. In 8th grade our pottery teacher fell asleep with a lit joint or something and his house burned down. The cops found his stash. He had to give a really cringey “I have been living with my secret drug addiction” speech to all of us in class.

Thing was most the teachers in that town were doing a lot worse drugs then pot. We had math teacher come to class trippin balls on acid one day.