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When thanos snapped the infinity gauntlet, he killed half of the life in the universe. Cows and plants are life. So wouldn’t we still be left with the same problem he was trying to solve?

The real problem is the doubling constant of exponential growth. Sure you remove half of intelligent life, but once one doubling period has passed you are right back where you started.

Understanding exponential growth kind of ruins the premises of the snap.

A series of great videos about exponential growth. Dr. Albert A. Bartlett’s presentation on “Arithmetic, Population, and Energy “

First video:

E: Better quality of the same video

Go to video 4 to see the visual.

Also with exponential growth, shit would be back to the same problem in like a decade…

Mathematically it was not the greatest solution

all sapient life

Movie Thanos is just a crazy dude. Comic Thanos is trying to impress the physical embodiment of death. Offering half of life in the universe to Death herself would seem like a great way to get a girl’s attention.

It’s not about balance, it’s not even about redeeming his fallen race. It’s about getting a little something from someone even more powerful than himself.

My thoughts exactly, although, there is still back-up food and pre harvested meat and plants so there would still be some gain.