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Which celebrity’s death really stunned you?

Cameron Boyce. I watched him on Disney shows throughout my childhood and knowing that he was fine one minute and dead the next was hard.

Kobe. I never was a fan but it really drove home that anyone can die in a shit way and money and fame have nothing to do with it. I think it really made him human to alot of people. Not to mention the little girl and others who perished. Children aren’t untouched by death either

Phil Hartman

Anton Yelchin. I always forget that the universe randomly and unceremoniously snuffed him out.

Same for a lot of the names on this list. Shit sucks.

Carrie Fisher hit me really hard. I grew up watching Star Wars, and she was my first celebrity crush. As I got older I found her amazing in other ways, she had an incredible wit and an open honesty about her. I was devastated when she passed. Still am. I genuinely worry about the day Mark Hamill passes because I will be inconsolable.

Chadwick Boseman really got me as well. I really liked his Black Panther/T’challa and then I heard about how he was very careful and intentional about the roles he took, wanting to be an inspiration to people. I had seen so many pics of him visiting cancer patient kids and just generally being a good dude. To find out he was dying of cancer that whole time… that’s incredibly inspirational. A true superhero who was taken from us far too early. When life has been difficult recently, I take inspiration from Chadwick.