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Who just wants to be loved right now?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Who just wants to be loved right now?
Who just wants to be loved right now?

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My friend is constantly texting people and I’m sitting there next to him thinking that I haven’t gotten a text in a week. Man I wish someone would just text me every once in a while.

I haven’t felt loved since the family dog got run over earlier this year. She was a good girl.

I saw a shooting star in January and wished for this year to finally not be as shit than the last few. Aunt died suddenly from alcoholism, uncle will probably soon, dog died, another aunt is in hospital for what might be early onset dementia and all that time Covid means I can’t even meet my friends as often as I’d like so my pre-existing PTSD has only gotten worse. Fuck 2020.






On mobile….I tired

me, but i can’t communicate effectively with people, causing people to avoid me like the plague. 🙁

1/5th of people in maslows hierarchy of needs