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Why did you get fired?

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Why did you get fired?

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A business I went to long ago was hiring and I got the job. Right after I signed all the paperwork, the department manager comes in and asks who I am. I tell him I was just hired as a temp. Manger says he never authorized any hiring and fired both me and my boss on the spot. I did not work for this company at all and they fired me. 🙁

I was denied a raise by HR after consistently working 60-70 hours weeks, and my VP (who had supported and requested the raise for me) told me to stop putting in the extra time, work my 40, and spend that extra time applying to new jobs. Within a month, a meeting was called to “mutually part ways” because my work wasn’t getting done.

I was gratified to learn that they had to hire two people to do my job after I left.

Edit: Sucks to see how much this resonates with people who have been in a similar situation. I left this job back in 2015, thankfully. The VP is no longer there either, and good for him.

my manager kept losing my class schedule

worked at a subway. i had class two days a week. several times he put me on those days anyway. i gave him multiple copies every time. owner took me off the schedule for “calling out too much”

when i showed the owner proof he said it was too late and they already hired someone else

this was 12 years ago. im still mad

This isn’t why I got fired, but this is why I didn’t get a job…

I was 16 and looking to work at a Dairy Queen as my first job. My mom drove me to the interview and I was super nervous. She looked me in the eye and said “Just be honest, and be yourself, and you’ll do fine.”

I walked into that interview and when he asked me “How long do you think you’ll work here?” I responded “Until something better comes along”….

I went to the Emergency room instead of work. Came back with an ER note and they said “We won’t be needing that. Can you come with us?” I was 18 and it was my first full time job.

For doing my job too quickly and sitting down the rest of the time. Gas station cashier 3rd shift.
Me: “Why should I stand when I’m the only person in the store?”
Manager: “It’s more professional to stand than sit”
Me: “then why do you sit in your office?”

I talked my way into a job at a software company when they put a hiring notice in a local paper. I had no idea what the software did. I still don’t. They hired me as a trainer and no one ever explained what the product was. I did a few weeks where I was trained on the software but literally none of it ever made sense to me. It was like they were speaking gibberish. One day I showed up, a lady I had never seen before gave me a check, and walked me out to the parking lot. No one even ever said “you’re fired” or anything. It’s one of the strangest things that ever happened to me.

I was an entitled little shit with a summer job between my junior and senior years in college.

I thought I was getting a “data entry” job. It was indeed data entry to an extent, but most of the work was actually taking items off the shelves in a warehouse and taking pictures of them. (These pictures would be scanned and then entered into a system with a description.)

I thought this was below somebody with my “obvious” skills as an engineering student (who had failed to secure a summer internship in his field). I told my boss that the work was really a two person job — the other person could do the warehouse stuff — and she agreed and said she’d look into finding another intern to help.

I took that to mean I could slack off posting on Warcraft 3 forums all day until they hired the other guy.

One day I came home to a voice mail telling me to not bother coming back.

I 100% deserved it. I hate my younger self sometimes…

His wife thought he was having an affair with the office manager.

He asked me if I thought it was possible that he was having an affair with the office manager.

I said, “It’s possible, but I don’t think you are. I could see why your wife might think so too.”

I was 21 and naïve as hell. Never should have said anything.

I got fired once for putting in my 2 week notice.

The only other time I’ve gotten fired was working for a trade company, during the first week. I was a supervisor, and there was a second supervisor on site. I got a call that my wife had been rushed to the hospital, which was literally less than a mile away. I asked the other supervisor if I could go to attend to her, and he said “sure, no problem, I’ve got things here. Go.” I returned to the job site later to find the boss there, and he let me go on the spot for leaving the team “without a supervisor”. He knew what had happened, and still fired me. I won’t lie, that one kind of pissed me off.

I refused to come in 15-20 mins early unpaid for my shift. I was always 5-10 min early but they decided they wanted me there earlier. I carried on as normal as I’m not coming in if I’m not being paid. Turned up for a 12pm shift at 11:49, no one would look at me when I arrived then was thrown in a meeting and fired for being “late”. Was out the door before it even hit 12.

It was the only time I’ve ever been fired.

For reporting elder abuse

They sent me home because I sneezed and I was forced to get tested for Covid. Then when I tested negative, I was terminated for “Abusing pandemic policies to stay home”

My Parole Officer wanted to make sure I actually had a job, so he went to my employer listed on my file to surprise visit me on the job. I did home wiring so I worked at different job sites and rarely in the office. He called me to say he was going to charge me with a violation for lying to him about my whereabouts (this could’ve landed me back in prison for my remaining 10.5 years sentence). The owner of the company had to speak with him and vouche for me. My Parole Office didn’t charge me, but the owner sure did fire me that day. Finding a job with a felony isn’t an easy thing, and it wasn’t long before my PO threatened to charge me with a violation if I didn’t find a job soon 🤦🏻

I asked the CNA I was working with to stay with a confused patient, while I went and put a new IV in another patient.
The CNA left the patient alone.
She fell out of bed and got a big bloody skin tear on her arm.
After I took care of that, I went and found the CNA and told her the patient was injured because of her insubordination.
The CNA cussed at me, and left the unit.
I did not see her again that shift.
She and another CNA decided on their own to trade assignments.

I wrote the CNA up.
The CNA went to mgmt and lied about me. She said I called her by a racial slur and yelled at her.
I did neither.
Mgmt fired me rather than deal with a false claim of racism.
I collected unemployment.

The CNA did something similar with another nurse a couple of weeks later, and was fired.
My mgr asked if I could be rehired. HR said no.

When my mgr quit to start her own nursing agency a year later, she hired me.

I got fired for submitting my time sheets on Monday at 8am when I got into work. By policy, they were to be in by noon on Saturday, but my Fridays ended in the field so I just did then on Monday mornings. My bosses didn’t even look at them until noon on Tuesday so it had 0 impact on them. I drove home from being fired feeling relieved because of how unhappy I was at that job.

Came down with bronchitis on a Sunday. The doctor provided a doctor’s note and told me to return the following Monday. They terminated me Friday.

Edit: I didn’t want to share too much of my business, but people are saying I’m spreading misinformation when that’s not true.

I did not qualify for FMLA.

I was sick on a Sunday, informed them Sunday. Called Monday with a doctors note with orders stating I was to return no earlier than the following Monday. My manager told me, “ok, feel better.” Friday came around, and I received an email stating I was terminated effective immediately due to absences. This was my first absence. I asked if I qualified for FMLA, no. I asked if I could resign instead because I loved what I did and who I worked with, no.

You CAN be fired as an at-will employee at any time for anything. I didn’t mention the illegal outcomes, as I assumed that was implied with common sense.

Anyways, thanks for the input, y’all.

Stealing narcotics. I was a nurse. 6 years clean now. Lost my nursing license though. It was a difficult lesson to learn but it may have saved my life.

Worked in a DIY store, 10 minutes before my shift ended I moved a pallet cage of paint cans (slowly) to the warehouse and when I got in there one of the sides came off along with half of the paint cans which spilt all over, anyway there was about 2 minutes of my shift left, so I moved the pallet over the paint, covering it a bit and went home. It was all caught on CCTV

For getting lunch. I was 18, working at a mall kiosk with a “manager” title even though I managed nothing for something like $8/hour.

Hours painted on the door, 0 support or other employees to relieve for a break. The owner showed up while I had locked up to go get a bite to eat. Fired on the spot.