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Why do you feel tired from thinking very hard although you’re just sitting on a chair?

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Imagine you're sitting on a chair behind a desk and trying tp solve very complex mathematical equations. Trying to solve this very complex puzzle in every way possible.
Why do you feel tired after having done this for multiple hours although you are still just sitting on a chair?
It is some sort of mental drain and tiredness.

Where does this come from? You are not burning calories as if you went running 10km, yet still feel drained.

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The brain is 2% of your body weight, but accounts for 20% of your daily calorie use

Your brain runs on glucose and glucose levels can be consumed faster than they can be restored during periods of hard thinking.

“You are not burning calories” That’s where you’re wrong, it’s fairly well known that chess grandmasters can burn 6000+ calories in one day “just by sitting.”

Your muscles are not working that much. But your brain is working really hard. And brain is quite small (our brains are pretty big in fact) but it needs a lot of energy.

I was talking with my husband about it yesterday! I have to pass a Math exam so I can continue to study my career, I started in the morning and by the time he came back from work (5pm) I was extremely tired! I have to learn by myself things that I never saw in my life, and without a teacher I feel extremely pressure.
But I must approve this exam and two more. And I NEED TO UNDERSTAND everything :'(

I think when we are concentrating on something, we are not aware of the muscle tension, strain, and fidgeting our bodies are doing. I have a habit of clenching my jaw and bouncing my leg when sitting at my desk. I don’t notice I’m doing it, but co-workers have pointed it out to me. By the end of the day, my face hurts and my foot cramps. I’m not dismissing the fact that the brain consumes energy, I just think we are more physical while sitting than we notice.