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Why has America become so divided?

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Why has America become so divided?

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The whole world is getting so divided between left and right. My country just broke it’s own record for not being able to form a government… It’s not only the US..

Edit: For the peeps who want to know more:

The media strives for ratings over truth.

Lack of ranked choice voting, corporate takeover of media and death of local news, deliberate polarization of news especially, lack of education/literacy, racist/xenophobia never having disappeared, confirmation bias.

Social media – at first was a sounding ground and used for personal communication for the individual, then corps and other people started to listen to the collective masses, now the masses control everything.

Having this control grow and spiral for years and years so now it has been ingrained in the new youth as the norm, with the internet not going away this will only get worse and it’s a real fucking shame that the USA (although not as powerful as it once was on the world stage) is still effecting nearly every facet of life with its overbearing social media output.

A blatantly partisan media who knows division is good for ratings, and tells you, ‘Don’t watch or read the other side. They’re wrong.’

A social media ecosystem that thrives on outrage and anger for re-tweets and shares.

There’s no center anymore. You’re either on the Side of Good (my side), or you’re on the Side of Evil (the other side).